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Dear all,
I would like to ask your experience of the volume preservation percentage by using MattesMutualInformationWithRigidityPenalty metric. On average, how much percentage, the volume of segmented ROI can preserve? I saw the result from Marius's paper was quite good. Is it always the case?
In one of my case, I have the following result. By turning off the rigid constraint, the ROI in the resulting image has 74.61% percent of its volume segmented in moving image. By using the rigid constraint, it increases the volume to 86.30%, but still lost of 13.90%. Is this normal? What should I do to improve this?
I use the following parameters. I tried to increase the (RigidityPenaltyWeight 0.1) from 0.1 to 0.2, but the registration explodes. Those conditional weights are roughly the highest I can give without getting exploded. 

(FixedLimitRangeRatio 0.001)(MovingLimitRangeRatio  0.001)(RigidityPenaltyWeight 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1)(LinearityConditionWeight 1.0)(OrthonormalityConditionWeight 10.0)(PropernessConditionWeight 1.0)(UseLinearityCondition "true")(UseOrthonormalityCondition "true")(UsePropernessCondition "false")(CalculateLinearityCondition "true")(CalculateOrthonormalityCondition "true")(CalculatePropernessCondition "false")(DilateRigidityImages "false" "false" "false" "true")(DilationRadiusMultiplier 2.0)(UseMovingRigidityImage "true")(MovingRigidityImageName "MHD\motion_coarse_mask.mhd")

Xi Liang


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