[elastix] Elastix verbosity

M.Staring at lumc.nl M.Staring at lumc.nl
Thu Mar 18 09:32:33 CET 2010

Hi Mark,

There exists an option

	(PrintErrorMessages "false")

which will print less/no error messages.

This is not a commandline switch, but a parameter file entry.

Note that in a bash script you can remove (redirect) all elastix output

	elastix -f .... >> /dev/null

Unfortunately, you cannot control the elastix output with the
granularity you want. I understand you like to have that feature to
automatically detect what exactly went wrong in case of an error?

Also note that elastix does exit with a return code: 0 if everything
went ok, 1 if something went wrong.

Would you like to have different return codes for the several errors you

Or would you like to have something easily grep-able in the elastix.log
file, which enables automatic checking of the error?

And: would you like to be the one that modifies the elastix sources to
implement this feature :-)

Let me know if I understood your question correctly. Cheers,


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> Subject: Elastix verbosity
> Hi Marius,
> I'm having some problems with running elastix as part of a script.
> Unfortunately, the verbosity of elastix is very high, and 
> there doesn't appear to be a command-line switch to turn it 
> down.  Is there one, and I'm just missing it?  I don't need 
> to see the 100 iterations to do registration, nor the missing 
> parameters that aren't in the text file.  I do, however, need 
> to see the itk load errors that are happening, and figure out 
> if that's a problem with inputs, outputs, and so forth.
> Thanks,
> Mark

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