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Stefan Klein s.klein at erasmusmc.nl
Tue Aug 9 22:57:25 CEST 2011

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for your interest in elastix. The warnings are not a problem. 
They just inform you that some parameters were not specified and that 
elastix takes a default value.
The error means that the fixed and moving image do not have a 
sufficiently large initial overlap. Or maybe your moving image is much 
smaller than your fixed image. Could you email us:
- The size of the images
- The voxel size
Kind regards,

On 9-8-2011 19:55, Robinson, Jamie wrote:
> I am working on developing some software that compares two nuclear 
> medicine whole body bone scans both intra and intersubject. 
> Previously, I have used a registration package bUnwarpJ  in ImageJ for 
> this purpose. However, I was not satisfied with the results (it uses a 
> simple sum of squared intensity differences as a metric) and would now 
> like to try something a bit more sophisticated and stumbled across 
> elastix.
> I followed the user manual on how to install the package and 
> downloaded the default parameter configuration files. However, upon 
> running the command
> elastix -f FS1.dcm -m FS2.dcm -p ParameterFiles/Parameters_Affine.txt 
> -p ParameterFiles/Parameters_BSpline.txt -out .
> I am met with a whole bunch of warnings before the software fails. I 
> have attached the log file but have no idea why the software fails. 
> Can anyone offer any help.
> Thanks,
> Jamie
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