[elastix] 3D Bspline registration (Stefan Klein)

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Mon Aug 15 16:58:24 CEST 2011

Hi Kristen,

Is there a way to specify that data in certain slices should always remain in the same plane while data in other slices are allowed to deform in any direction? MovingImageDerivativeScales seems like it might help if there is a way to specify that parameter for specific parts of the data.
The MovingImageDerivativeScales indeed only set this globally, not per slice. There is no nice way that lets you specify this per slice. As a hack you could abuse the Scales parameter: set the B-spline parameters that correspond to the z-direction of a certain slice to a very large value. But this is quite cumbersome.

Alternatively, is there a way to specify fixed image landmark positions AND moving image landmark positions as inputs for registration? I was looking at the thin-plate splines transform which appears to only allow fixed landmarks as input. Ideally, I would want to continue using a BSpline transform but be able to provide these landmarks in order to help guide the registration.

Yes, there is. You can use the CorrespondingPointsEuclideanDistanceMetric:
We have used it to do exactly that in:
which contains details on this metric.
We will soon post parameter files on the wiki: http://elastix.bigr.nl/wiki/index.php/Par0014

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