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Hi Edwin,

Please check the manual, Section 3.3. You can pass a previous registration result with the option -t0 to a new registration. You can just use the B-spline TransformParameters file for that, as it will include the affine one by means of the InitialTransformParametersFileName entry.

Note that the metric value will always vary if you are using a random sampler. In that case it is normal. Check Section 2.4 and the references there.

You may consider the use of regularization for your SPECT registration. See Chapter 6 and this file for an example:

Regards, Marius

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Hi all,

As I have looked up to the parameter file database, I have found that there are several parameter files using rigid+non-rigid registration at the same time,

but I want to know it is possible to get the combine deformation filed and use it to deform another images?

For example, I would like to register 2 CT images (affine + b-spline) and use the resulted deformation field to deform an corresponding SPECT images, do I have to do it separately for affine and b-spline when applying the deformation field on SPECT?

PS. For the registration process, I discovered the metric value are somehow floating around a certain value, is it normal? Although I dont think so, but the same situation happens whatever registration method I use.

PS2. In fact, I would like to register two SPECT images directly, not from the CT deformation field. The result seems not good---the NMSE after registration is smaller, but the visualization part is worse than before. I would be very appreciate if you have any suggestion on registering two SPECT images (Throax+abdomen+pelvis, deformation is not large)

Thanks for your help in advanced!

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