[Elastix] elastix: strange contour border on output image

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Hi David,

It looks like an overflow of your pixel type. I think you store as a unsigned char, so with values in [0,255]. During interpolation, some value may get negative (-1 for example), which is subsequently mapped to 255 (probably this is machine dependent as well).
Can you try to write the output as a short, for example using the mhd file format, and see if the problem goes away?

Regards, Marius

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I'm new to Elastix, and I use it for part of my student project,
when trying it out i could successfully register images however the output image always has a strange border around the objects in the image.
It doesn't matter what output format I choose, the border stays and I tried it out on 2 different computers one with Mac OS X 10.7.4 (with the binaries) and one with Ubuntu which I built with cmake.

Any idea what the problem is, or how i can avoid getting this border? (I attached a picture i hope that's okay for the mailing list)

Kind Regards,

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