[Elastix] TransformRigidityPenalty

S. Klein s.klein at erasmusmc.nl
Tue Apr 16 00:00:01 CEST 2013

Dear Lei,
Please send your questions to the mailing list.
This rigidy image will be used only by the TransformRigidityPenalty, but 
since all metrics use the same transforms (and all input images are 
transformed with the same transform, the rigidity constraints will be 
enforced on all the images.
Kind regards,

On 15-4-2013 10:31, Lei Wang wrote:
> Dear Stefan,
> I noticed that in the Metric TransformRigidityPenalty, we can set the 
> item
> (MovingRigidityImageName "movingRigidityImage.mhd")
> If we have several pair of input images, does the 
> MovingRigidityImageName apply for all of the input images with 
> different metrics or just apply on the one with the Metric 
> TransformRigidityPenalty?
> Best Regards,
> Lei
> 引述 "S. Klein" <s.klein at erasmusmc.nl>:
>> Hi Lei,
>> Indeed, the rule is: either one pair of images (which is used for all
>> metrics) or the same number of images as the number of metrics).
>> as a workaround you could supply the first or second (fixed and moving)
>> image also as the third image. This is not really efficient (since those
>> third images will consume memory) but it will work at least. I believe
>> the TransformRigidityPenalty will actually use that third image then to
>> determine the relevant field of view.
>> Best,
>> Stefan
>> On 04/04/2013 21:31, Lei Wang wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My problem is that when multi Metric,like MutualInformation and
>>> TransformRigidityPenalty are used for one pair of fixed and moving
>>> image, only the metric itself need to be changed.
>>> However, when I have two pairs of fixed and moving image and try to
>>> register them as multi band, the metric combination I want to try is
>>> MutualInformation + MutualInformation + TransformRigidityPenalty. Then
>>> I need to match the number of Interpolator, Sampler, Pyramid with the
>>> number of the metric. In this case, the number of the input images is
>>> two pairs but the number of metric is three, so if I only use two
>>> Interpolator, Sampler and Pyramid, Elastix will complain that the
>>> number is not matching the metric, but if I use three, then I do not
>>> have enough input images. How can I fix this problem?
>>> Thanks for your time.
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Lei
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