[Elastix] Problem emastix compilation

Vivien Delmon vivien.delmon at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Mon Apr 22 17:35:30 CEST 2013

On 04/20/2013 02:47 PM, Agata Krasoń wrote:
> Hi Elastix Users,
> I am beginner in elastix.
> I am trying to compile elastix source code from repository ;
> I am working on linux  OS (opensuse) and use CMake 2.8.10, ITK 4.20.
> I received some errors in class   concenring itktiff.h
> */usr/local/include/ITK-4.2/itk_tiff.h:37: from
> /usr/local/include/ITK-4.2/itk_tiff.h:37,
> /home/Elastix/elastix-code/src/Common/MevisDicomTiff/itkMevisDicomTiffImageIO.h:25:
> from
> /hom/home/akrason/Elastix/elastix-code/src/Common/MevisDicomTiff/itkMevisDicomTiffImageIO.cxx:21:
> from
> /home/akrason/elastix-code/src/Common/MevisDicomTiff/itkMevisDicomTiffImageIO.cxx:21:e/Elastix/elastix-code/src/Common/MevisDicomTiff/itkMevisDicomTiffImageIO.h:25,
> /usr/local/include/ITK-4.2/itktiff/tiff.h:32: error: tif_config.h: No
> such file or directory*
> I don't  know  what I should do now ?
> Maybe it is required any specific options in ITK  ?
> I would appreciate for any help please.
> Agata

Hi Agata,

It's just a bug in itk 4.2 which was fixed here :

It have not been corrected in the last stable version of ITK (4.3.1) but 
it is corrected in the git version.

Kind regards,

Vivien Delmon
PhD student at CREATIS, Lyon
Supported by ANRT and ELEKTA

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