[Elastix] Error “FixedImageRegion does not overlap the fixed image buffered region” at start 2D to 3D registration

S. Klein s.klein at erasmusmc.nl
Thu May 8 12:26:48 CEST 2014

Dear Dominik,
The pattern-intensity metric works only for 2D-3D registration, where the 2D image is a projection of the 3D object. In your case, the 2D volume is just a slice of a 3D CT volume, so then you can better use the AdvancedMeanSquares metric. Note that for such slice-to-volume registration, a good initialization is probably important.

On 07/05/2014 20:55, Dominik Spinczyk wrote:
I am a new Elastix user. I try register 2D slice of 3D Ct volume to 3D CT volume. 3D volume is moving image and 2D image is a fixed image. I use Pattern Intensity metric. Generally it works, but for some file I obtain the error:FixedImageRegion does not overlap the fixed image buffered region” at start 2D to 3D registration:
Line: 362
Description: itk::ERROR: PatternIntensityMetric(0x59d9e10): FixedImageRegion does not overlap the fixed image buffered region

Could anybody suggest what could be the reason of this error ?


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