[Elastix] Compiled version of Elastix4.7 is much slower than downloaded version

אורי ובר oriweber at gmail.com
Sun May 11 22:07:33 CEST 2014

I'm trying to add a new metric into elastix.
I tried following the manual instruction to compile the source code :
- Downloaded source code of ITK4.5 & Elastix 4.7 (window 64 bit, MSVS2010)
- Created a ITK & Elastix solutions using Cmake 2.8.12
  Used the following ITK options : Module_ITKReview, ITK_USE_64_BITS_IDS &
- Built the solutions using MSVS 2010

At first, I wanted to make sure I did everything correct so I tried running
the built binaries as is, without any additions.
However, the runtime became much slower.
For instance, using the downloaded Elastix 4.7 I get the following print:
Initialization of NormalizedMutualInformation metric took: 60 ms.
Using the built Elastix 4.7 I get:
Initialization of NormalizedMutualInformation metric took: 1307 ms.

Also, the downloaded binaries takes ~17MB while building the solution
creates an executable of ~129MB.

The current built solution runs so slow that it is basically inapplicable
for any real-time usage of the tool...
I'll be happy to get some guidance of what I'm doing wrong/missing???

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