[Elastix] Question regarding Transform Parameter file

Lisa Richards lisa.richards at utexas.edu
Mon May 19 22:00:31 CEST 2014

Hi all,
I have used elastix to perform a Translation transform on a set of images, producing a set of Transform files in the process.  I need to calculate the maximum shift that occurs in the image set.  I am wondering if I can use the TransformParameters output in the parameter file to do this.  For one sample file, the Transform Parameter file is listed below.  What can I infer from this file?  I don’t know what the two numbers outputted as the TransformParameters represent and could not find definitions in the documentation. 
Thank you for your assistance,
Lisa Richards


(Transform "TranslationTransform")
(NumberOfParameters 2)
(TransformParameters -0.129060 0.143669)
(InitialTransformParametersFileName "NoInitialTransform")
(HowToCombineTransforms "Compose")

// Image specific
(FixedImageDimension 2)
(MovingImageDimension 2)
(FixedInternalImagePixelType "float")
(MovingInternalImagePixelType "float")
(Size 477 642)
(Index 0 0)
(Spacing 0.3527777778 0.3527777778)
(Origin 0.0000000000 0.0000000000)
(Direction 1.0000000000 0.0000000000 0.0000000000 1.0000000000)
(UseDirectionCosines "true")

// ResampleInterpolator specific
(ResampleInterpolator "FinalBSplineInterpolator")
(FinalBSplineInterpolationOrder 3)

// Resampler specific
(Resampler "DefaultResampler")
(DefaultPixelValue 0.000000)
(ResultImageFormat "tif")
(ResultImagePixelType "unsigned short")
(CompressResultImage "false")

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