[Elastix] mhd/raw to dcm and vice versa conversion

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Thu Apr 23 16:42:07 CEST 2015

Hi Pedro,

You can use pxcastconvert, a tool part of ITKTools, to convert from dicom to mhd. I don’t know how to write the result back into a dicom again.



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Dear all,

I have some CT, MR and ultrasound DICOM datasets which I need to register using Elastix. As Elastix does not support this format, I have to convert these datasets into mhd/raw format to perform the registrations and once they are done, convert the results back to DICOM format. Can anyone tell me the best tool to do this? I have tried many tools but no one works well enough (some lose the majority of the dcm information, some result in a pretty low quality datasets,...).

Thanks in advance!

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