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Dear Fabien,

Thank you for reporting this. Denis, could you have a look at it? I suspect it is the weighted combination transform, I don't think that one is implemented, only the translation, euler, affine and B-spline, plus all combinations of them via a CombinationTransform.

Thanks, Marius

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Hi all,

I just tried the OpenCLResampler, and the good news is that I actually get a nice improvement of the resampling time using a simple Rigid-Affine-BSpline transform on GPU (from 38.84s to 4.98s). Or at least I assume it is using the GPU it is not specified in the log file.

The bad news I that I cannot use my GPU when I try to apply more complex transforms (based on WeightedCombinationTransform) as I get:

ERROR: Exception during making GPU copy of the transform:
itk::ExceptionObject (00000000002CEE98)
Location: "unknown"
File: d:\tk\elastix\exports\tagspublic\elastix_04_8\src\common\opencl\filters\itkGPUAdvancedCombinationTransformCopier.hxx
Line: 100
Description: itk::ERROR: GPUAdvancedCombinationTransformCopier(0000000007048C20): ERROR: GPUAdvancedCombinationTransformCopier was unable to copy transform from: EulerTransformElastix (0000000005A5A4C0)
  RTTI typeinfo:   class elastix::EulerTransformElastix<class elastix::ElastixTemplate<class itk::Image<short,3>,class itk::Image<short,3> > >
  Reference Count: 4
  Modified Time: 2498
  Debug: Off
  Object Name:

And then the transform is applied, but using the CPU (taking 4min42s using 8 threads...  the reason why I would like to use GPU).
The log and ParameterFile are attached.
I'm using ElastiX v4.8 official binaries, win7 x64, OpenCL from Nvidia drivers (up to date).

Any idea on the source of this error ?
Are their some limitations with the transforms or initialTransforms to use with GPU ?


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