[Elastix] How to get CenterOfRotationPoint from RE DICOM ?

D.H.J. Poot d.poot at erasmusmc.nl
Wed Nov 11 13:21:26 CET 2015

Hi Petr, 

Technically you should study the DICOM RE specs to know how that transformation maps between world coordinates. Then use the elastix manual to create an transformation file that does the same. 

In your case I would guess that setting center of rotation should be 0; (in a way it is a kind of helper variable; see elastix manual) 


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I am using Transformix to apply transformation on a 3D volume (MRI). The transformation itself is stored in DICOM RE (registration) that has been generated in a different application and exported. I have extracted affine matrix, I can determine the ElementSpacing and Origin from the fixed volume (CT). However, I have no idea where to get the CenterOfRotationPoint which is compulsory when applying transformation using Transformix. Can it be, somehow calculated from the affine matrix  ?

Thanks for any help or pointing in a right direction,


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