[Elastix] Inverting transform does not work

ibraheem aldhamari ibr_ex at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 11 20:13:31 CET 2015

Hi elastix community,I am using elastix for about two weeks now. It is really great tool. Sometime I can only register images in one direction but not the opposite e.g CT to MR but not MR to CT.  I have two images CT and MR. Here is what I did. I registered CT as moving to MR as fixed using rigid transformation. I got a resulted image CTMR and a transformation file ctmr.txt.  Then I chnaged the rigid parameter file to use (Metric "DisplacementMagnitudePenalty") . I use elastix again providing CTMR as moving,MR as fixed and using -t0 ctmr.txt .I expected to get the original CT image as result but I got the same CTMR again. Is there something I did wrong?      I also tried to use elxInvertTransform but I got nothing, no output and no error message. Any suggestion? 
Best regards and have a nice day!Ibraheem  
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