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Carsten Brink Carsten.Brink at rsyd.dk
Thu Nov 12 03:32:59 CET 2015

Are there someone how can guide me to the precise description of the parameter values generated during a B spline. I would like to calculate positions of transformed points without using Transformix (can be slow to need to write to a file for each point that needs to be processed), by in-house program -matlab. I do know that the B spline parameters are defined in the manual on page 10 and I have also looked up the provided reference to Rueckert et al. I seem to get values close to those obtained by Transformix, but they are not as close to each other as I would expect ( e.g. at least first four digits identical). I think I have some "slightly wrong" interpretation of the sequence that the pk values are stored in the parameterfile.

If anyone have information on the exact definition of the parameter file or potential matlab code capable of reading the parameter file and calculate the deformation of a given point any hint/help would be much appreciated.

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