[Elastix] Need Information regarding registration of 2D fluoroscopy and 3D CT images

vishal k itkhelpacc at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 07:55:00 CET 2015

Im working on a project that needs me to register the 2D fluoro image with
the 3d CT volume...that should perform events
1) load the 3d CT and the 2d Fluoroscopy image
2) produce the DRR of the CT images
3) perform 2d-2d registration of the Fluoro and DRR images
4) based on result of the registration process in step 3...I need to
perform rotation, translation, scaling (adjust the pose) of the 3D CT
volume such that the DRR( of the adjusted pose of CT) will have maximum
similarity with the fluoro image...

I have not used elastix before... Could anyone please give suggestion if i
can use Elastix for this purpose and how?
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