[Elastix] Multi-resolution registration question

ibraheem aldhamari ibr_ex at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 23 11:13:06 CET 2015

Hi Elastix community, I would like to know if I understand the concept correctly and the order is correct: Input: fixed and moving images.1 - both of them go into sampling processing e.g. Random Sampler.2 - if size is different the smaller one goes into interpolator.3 - both of them go into down sampling process number of time (hierarchical way).  Here I am not sure how the output combined.   4- For each sample in step 3: we initiate parameters for a user defined transform e.g. rigid then we computed a similarity measure e.g MSD. If MSD is very small or we reached maximum number of iterations then we stop, if not then we change transform parameters values based on optimization function and repeat step 4 again.5- Finally we got the parameters values of the required transform.   Please correct me if I am wrong and help explaining step 3. Best regards and have a nice day! Ibraheem   
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